How to prepare your car for the holidays

How to prepare your car for the holidays

The tuning of the car for your vacation is essential so that you do not suffer unforeseen events on the road. However, to prepare your car for the holidays with washing is also essential and that we often overlook .

How to prepare your car for the holidays

A dirty car, in addition to a bad aesthetic, can be detrimental to both the air conditioning filters and the upholstery, so it is important to maintain a proper car wash .

Remember to check the cooling of the air conditioner ,Also check the oil level  and  cleaning the windows!

Good visibility will prevent road accidents follow the tips below to prepare your car for the holidays.

To prepare your car start with The wheels,

The tires you should check before getting behind the wheel. Make sure they are properly swollen and check that they have no breakage. Salt and sand accumulate on the wheels, which can produce rust in the metal parts of the car, including the tires.

And don’t forget to measure the tire pressure.

Proper operation of the windshield wiper

Check the windshield wiper and the condition of the headlights of the car. In summer there may be sand storms or if you drive at night and your headlights or rear lights do not come on … Danger imminent!

A review is essential for headlight and hazard lights.

Thorough Car cleaning,

Finally, do not forget about a car wash by SHINCAR in Qatar, If you want your car to be in perfect magazine condition, in CarWash in QATAR.  we are professionals who are in charge of leaving it ready to travel this summer by road.

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